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From its modest beginnings 47 years ago, Sunnyside Lodge Home of the Aged was born out of a heart that is burdened to help a community that include the under resourced. What initially started as simply a service which provided accommodation to the elderly, progressed to offering nursing care as well. Further developments extended our scope of service delivery to also include frail care to the elderly, care to all mentally and physically frail, as well as the terminally ill, including HIV/AIDS final stage patients.

As is often the case with the frail aged who come from homes affected by impoverished conditions, the aged lack a strong identity with descent home based care. At Sunnyside, we cannot bear the thought of turning away individuals at that stage, who need our services regardless of their financial background, race, religion or kindred.

Your support ensures that these senior citizens can actualize life’s full potential even at a later stage.

We care for 70 aged, frail and terminally ill residents with an average age of 90. In addition to these we offer assisted living to 11 other residents. Out of a total of 81 residents only 40% of these can manage to afford the care which costs R 5 300 per individual per month. This leaves us with 60% of residents not able to contribute fully even after government subsidy.

As part of our mission to enhancing their quality of life with dignity and security within a culture characterized by integrity, commitment, compassion and respect for the individual, we kindly and constantly need your valued involvement.

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