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About Us...

Sunnyside Lodge home for the frail aged is a registered Non Profit Organisation, NPO 002-738, which offers nursing care to the elderly. Our expertise stem from compassion and respect for the individual and valued commitment towards human development.

Sunnyside Lodge is based in Plumstead, Cape Town and was established in 1959. Since then, Sunnyside has originated and hosted solutions, including community service-housing South Africa’s most respected senior citizens.

Sunnyside Lodge’s affiliation to the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church highlights a “cultureless faith” of learning and friendship from people living and working alongside each other, in pursuit of shared goals.

Historically, at Sunnyside we cannot bear the thought of turning individuals away who need our services, simply because we do not have the, facilities or the financial means to support and accommodate those who are unable to pay.

We also have a charitable registration status tax exemption governed by the section 18A of the Income Tax Act through which we acknowledge all our partners.