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The organization follows the national NGO requirements for governance of a public benefit organization. The Governing Body is elected at the annual general meeting and is responsible for the smooth running of the organization. The constitution was drafted on 13th June 2000 and currently being redrafted. We have five (5) office bearers and the current management board comprising eighteen (18) members.

Mission Statement

To be recognized by the community and medical profession as leaders in providing quality care for the frail and enhancing their quality of life with dignity and security within a culture characterized by integrity, commitment, compassion and respect for the individual.


  • We value the individual and believe in the equal right of all to realize their potential
  • We also value the learning and friendship which result from people living and working alongside each other, in pursuit of shared goals
  • We value people and respect them
  • We put the needs of others first
  • Value teamwork and partnerships
  • Value honesty, trust and confidentiality
Annual Financial Statements

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Financial Statements