What we do
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  Objectives and Goals
  A Prayer for the old folk
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Objectives and Goals

Objectives and Goals

  • Constructing a day care facility
  • Expand and renovate dispensary, renovate bathrooms to suit wheel chairs
  • Train three members of staff continuously every year
  • Acquire a utility vehicle
  • Replace the combi cooker
  • Source a commercial washing machine
  • Roofing replacement


  1. We have achieved our goal of rendering a 24hour nursing service to 70 residents per month. We have maintained a capacity of 70 residents each month.
  2. Due to no applications from the informal settlements we have only admitted one resident from the informal settlement. The relatives find the distance cumbersome and expensive to visit their relatives regularly.
  3. We were able to assist 4 people for respite care and strengthen them, thereby enabling them to readapt in the community.
  4. We have assisted 2 people in the community by providing day and night care in their home.
  5. We have through our network facility provided the opportunity for 4 clients of Nicro to complete their community service at our facility.
  6. We have through our networking process also assisted 4 students of New Hope Skills Training by providing the practical training they have needed and assisted them with employment.

Achievements as per strategic plan:

  1. Purchased tables and chairs (30) each – still needing 30 chairs for sick bay as well as lounge
  2. Roof repaired – unscheduled
  3. Vehicle needing to be replaced – unscheduled
  4. Combo cooker needs to be replaced – unscheduled
  5. Dispensary as scheduled has not been enlarged due to lack of funds

    What we hope to achieve

    Our domicile is growing and we cannot afford to turn away residents who continuously seek for our services. Amongst these, not all can afford to fend for a bed here. Our desire is to accommodate all at world class facilities; We still have a long way ahead in an attempt to make further difference to the lives in our community. Our strides are short but carefully treaded. We strive to take the lead in setting renowned standards which can be reproduced by any frail care centre. Our drawing board is finalised and set hence we are expanding into a new day care centre. It is not only a surfacing need among others, but it’s a complement to the home and its beneficiaries.