What we do
  Services Rendered
  Objectives and Goals
  A Prayer for the old folk
  A Word of Thanks
What we do

Is who we are.

Sunnyside nursing home means a lot of things to a lot of people. As one of Cape Town’s old age homes, we maintain a reputation that defines frail care in the community.

For some it represents the first and in many ways the most dignified old age home in Cape Town.

What initially started as simply a service which provided accommodation to the elderly, progressed to offering nursing care as well. Further developments extended our scope of service delivery to also include frail care to the elderly, care to all mentally and physically frail, as well as the terminally ill, including HIV/AIDS final stage patients.

Where people have neither silver nor gold, the most modest token of good will and generosity will make a difference. Where developers turn land into costly spaces taking no cognisance of the plight of the needy.

At Sunnyside Lodge we fervently believe in a specific vision: characterized by integrity, commitment, compassion and respect for the individual.

Because it is what we strive to be, the land that we occupy has been turned into a home for the frail aged of all race, religion, culture and kindred.